Healthy Sleep Habits Start Here!

Tired. If there is one word I hear time and time again from parents, it's that word. Babies sleep way different than adults. Knowing the secrets of baby sleep are key to seeing positive changes right away!

Looking for a simpified approach to healthy sleep habits? Looking to navigate baby sleep with confidence? For the Love of Seep will help you do exactly that!

This ultimate guide contains all of the secrets to guide your baby to a better nights rest. Think of this guide as your key to creating a healthy night's sleep for your baby in one convenient place.

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For the Love of Sleep contains everything you could want to know about helping your baby sleep as well as possible!

“I have been reading your book and it has been very helpful! I recommended it to my sister-in-law and she has been reading it too! I have to say, my son has been sleeping for 4 hours straight during the night, instead of waking every 2 and that is SO nice! Getting the extra 2 hours has been awesome! He also has been falling asleep without being nursed to bed. (Bed time is the only exception.) I am loving the progress I have seen in only a week! Thank you!”

Ariel Raisanen - Washington State

A Book For All Parents

For the Love of Sleep was specifically designed to help you find a sleep approach that will work for YOUR baby. No matter your sleep goals, this book can help you make an effective sleep plan that will yield results in only a few days.

A Book Based On Facts

This book was developd based on scientific research, reading countless books and personal life experience teaching babies to sleep well. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this book contains the factual information you need to make healthy sleep choices for your family.

About the Author

Hi I'm Lauren, the writer behind The Military Wife and Mom blog, where I write about common sense solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Thank you so much for joining along. I can't wait to share my key secrets to help your baby sleep better!