Printable Positive Affirmations for MilSpouses

Encouragement When You Need It Most...

Printable positive affirmations for military spouses

The plan changed - again. 

Military gear is scattered across the floor. You haven’t had REAL quality time with your service member in ages. Most days you give the role of military spouse your best, but it never feels like enough.

I've been there too, friend.

The good news there is something you can do to turn it around. Research shows that daily affirmation cards increase your resilience to stress and boost mood. 

Use one affirmation per day for 31 days. See the difference. Feel the positive shift. You deserve encouragement!

After 31 Days of Positive Affirmation Cards, You Will...

Stop stressing over your mistakes and imperfections.

Get back joy and optimism into your days.

Trust your choices and decisions. 

Feel happier and more relaxed. 

Let's focus on YOU for a change!

Why Affirmations Work...

According to science, the way you think affects your entire life. What lives in your heart comes out of your mouth and in your actions. You are, essentially, a product of what you think. 

As a military spouse, you are often plagued with doubt, fear, and anxiety over all the unknowns that come with deployment, PCS moves and frequent career challenges. You constantly think about military life and wonder... is this how it's supposed to be?  

In the same way negative thoughts can take hold, so can positive ones. In fact, countless research studies show that daily affirmations squash stress, boost problem-solving and revitalize overall feelings of happiness. 

This set of printable positive affirmations for military spouses will allow you to remember your TRUE self -- a military spouse who is incredibly strong and resilient.  

About the Author

Hi, I’m Lauren, the mom behind The Military Wife and Mom blog, where I write on practical parenting, enjoying motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. Struggling as a new military spouse and looking for a way to connect with others, I truly found my passion when I discovered simplified, common sense ways to live with purpose. I love helping others do the same.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Use

  •  Download your digital PDF file from your email. 
  • Using your home printer, print the affirmation cards on photo paper or cardstock.
  • Cut out the cards, laminate if desired. 
  • Place in a box or bag that is easy to access.  
  • Choose one affirmation card per day. 
  • Place in a spot you will see multiple times per day (i.e bathroom mirror, car dashboard or nightstand.)
  • Repeat the affirmation aloud three times each time you see it.
Printable positive affirmations for military spouses
Printable positive affirmations for military spouses

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a physical product that will be shipped to my house?

This is a digital product, so nothing will be shipped. You will receive PDF files of the cards, which are printable pages. Print on cardstock or print on regular paper and laminate! 

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? 

I stand behind the routine cards 100 percent. If you aren't completely satisfied, send me an email within 30 days sharing why it wasn't a good fit for you. I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked! 

Printable positive affirmations for military spouses

Download Today + Get the Ecouragement You Need!

Take back your happiness and shift your mindset to positive and inspired!  

These cards are the perfect way to increase joy, optimism and overcome the challenges of military life.

It's time to focus on you for a change.  

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